zaterdag 2 juli 2011

A dinner and a lunch

Dinner-daten + knuffels versieren.

Lazy lunchen+ male bonding.

5 opmerkingen:

darryn zei

So peacefull when they don't run around breaking your house down....But otherwise kids are wonderfull :)

Soetmin zei

Not quite in that stage yet!
Concerning those sleepless nights you mentioned: none so far! Wootwoot! Wonder if it will last though. This is bound to get difficult at some point or another, right?
Hmm, might just take another peacefull nap in our quiet clean house in case tonight is that night. Meanwhile, you enjoy trying to control your kids/house! :)

darryn zei

Who gets up to feed at night? Oh, and teething...thats a lot of fun as well LOL
I've given up trying to control them now, I just try to keep dangerous objects out of the way.

soetmin zei

No nightfeeds really. I breastfeed him (is that how you say it?)but most of the time he drinks once around midnight and once around 7am. I know...we're obnoxiously lucky.
The teething-thing...would valium work for that you think?

darryn zei

Whisky was always a winner here :)

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